PHPchem s.r.o.

Company was created from association of individuals in 2006. Ing. Jiří Hájek is the Managing director.

The company has experience in synthesis of chemical specialities, it is dealing with the development and research as well as adopting a new technologies in organic chemistry.

We offer complete services in preparation of chemical substances. We prepare and develop samples according to customer requirements for specefic applications. We produce plant stimulators base brassinolide, which are used for harmonization of plant development and considerably increasing drough resistance.

In past, based on demand we produced many other substances, e.g. sugar derivatives, some purins, amino acid derivatives, acid chlorides and others.

Establishment of the company is situated in the area of Spolana a.s.

Ing. Jiří Hájek

Ing. Jiří Hájek studied at the Institute of Chemical Technoligies in Prague, chemical engineering, his diploma thesis was led by Prof. Ing. Kamil Wichterle, DrSc.

He worked as a scientis and resercher in Spolana a.s. Neratovice, where he participated on development of prostaglandins, sweeteners, NSAIDs, additives for engine oils, cinnamic acid synthesis, synthesis of purin bases and many other smaller projects.

He also worked at the Academy of Sciences as a researcher for 6 years, where he participated on development of microwave synthesis, development of new types of glases for special purposes (artistic type of glass), the result is the cooperation with leading artistic sculptress Mg. A, Alena Matějková Ph.D. on glass technology, the co-author publication was a result of this cooperation.

Matějková Alena, Hájek Jiří, Hájek Milan: Preparation of Glass for Sculpture Casting using Microwave Energy, 14th Conference on Electric and Other Highly Efficient Methods of Glass Melting, České Budějovice, September 2007.

Further work on the microwave drying of books. The result was several original organic synthesis using microwave catalysis. In 2006, he founded his own company.